Please review carefully our TERMS OF SERVICE.


  1. Consultoría Desarrollo y Soporte TORAB S.A. de C.V. is the company in charge of the administration, exploitation and development of the applications that conform the biztools group of tools


  1. Company: Consultoría Desarrollo y Soporte TORAB S.A. de C.V.
  2. Client: Any person that registers and hires the Biztools services for any Shopify based online store
  3. Buyer: Any user that visits and/or performs a purchase in the Client’s Shopify store.
  4. Visitor: Any not identified user that browses through the Client’s Shopify store.

Registration and Hiring

  1. For any tool of Biztools, the Client must register the name and URL of the online store, an email address, make the payment according to the selected Plan and configure the things that the hired tool need to work.
  2. At the time of the registration and hiring of the selected Plan, the Client accepts and is bound to the Terms and Conditions of the tool. The Terms and Conditions of each service can be read on each tool web site.
  3. The Registration and Hiring process carry an information verification process; depending on the results of this verification process, the Company may take the decision of suspending, put on hold or deny the service, notifying the Client at all times about this decision to the registered email address.

Costs and Payment Method

  1. Biztools use Conekta.IO as its main payment gateway.
  2. The Company is not responsible for the administration of the bank data and/or credit card information the client uses to make the payment for the tool using the Conekta.IO gateway. The Company does not handle, receive, store or track in any way the client’s credit card information or bank data.
  3. Cancellation of the service does not entitle the client in any case, to any kind of partial or full refund of the subscription payment.
  4. A payment is considered effectively done when a company’s staff has verified in the Conekta.IO platform its validity and it’s been fully authorized by the Bank. In case the payment has been rejected by the Bank, the service will be suspended immediately.

Client’s Obligations

  1. The client must always provide true information during the Registration and Hiring process and afterwards during any communication with the Company.
  2. The client must always notify the company of any adjustment, change or update in the information that may be relevant for a good service and functioning of the tool.
  3. Keep safe and in good use all access data used for the hired services.
  4. Do not share with third parties any of the access data used for the Admin Panel of each hired service
  5. The client must notify the company, via support@biztools.me, whenever and at any time the client may believe the Admin Panel access data has been compromised.
  6. The client should not utilize images of pornographic, discrimination, racist, extremist or religious nature, or that may violent other people’s religious beliefs.
  7. The client must notify all buyers and visitors of the online store that Biztools will receive and collect the information specified in the Privacy Policy page of each biztool service enabled in their Shopify store.
  8. The email address used for the email sending must be legally related to the company owner of the Shopify online store.
  9. The client must reply to the notifications and emails sent from the Administration staff of Biztools from the address: admin@biztools.me
  10. The client must make sure to ask and have permission from the visitors and buyers of the online store, to collect all information necessary and to send them advertising and notifications.
  11. When the email with the coupon is to be sent to an email address of a buyer of a foreign country different to the client’s online store, the former is bounded to observe and obey the applicable laws of the visitor’s/buyer’s country.
  12. The client is responsible and will compensate the Company for any damage caused to the Company or for any violation of the client’s Obligations, excepting possible situations when a damage or violation cannot be attributed to the client.
  13. The client is responsible and will compensate the Company for any damage resulting of any claim or complaint by the visitor and/or buyer, related to the information received by email and in any case the visitor and/or buyer is not in acceptance of the use of its data or information.


  1. The Company is not responsible of the products offered and/or sold by the client’s Shopify store
  2. The Company is committed to provide a 99% up time service. Within this time calculation is not included the 4 hours weekly needed for maintenance services of the servers and systems related with Loyalty


  1. All the services of Biztools have been developed by Consultoría Desarrollo y Soporte TORAB S.A. de C.V. The hiring of any service does not grant in any case or circumstance any right over the design, architecture, analysis, source code or any intellectual property to the client.
  2. By registering and hiring any tool, the client authorizes the use of the name and logo (or brand image) of the client’s online store in our services websites and https://loyalty.biztools.me to be displayed as portfolio of current clients.


  1. All data received by Biztools will be stored, administrated, analyzed and processed by Biztools with the sole purpose of making the service totally functional and available.
  2. The Biztools services are bound and true to the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data held by Individuals of the United States of Mexico.

The conditions of the service are governed by the United States of Mexico laws, and therefore, both the client and the company are subject to the laws of the United States of Mexico for the resolution of any conflict or dispute that may arise from the business relationship between the client and the company.