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  1. Biztools is a group of tools developed by Consultoría Desarrollo y Soporte TORAB S.A. de C.V., 6 oriente 3001-D, Puebla, Puebla.
  2. The information collected through this web site is in line with the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data held by Individuals (LFPDPPP) of the United States of Mexico.

Personal Information

  1. The collected information is as follows:
    1. First Name.
    2. Last Name.
    3. Email address.
  2. The information collected is not shared with any third party at any moment.
  3. The working staff of our company is fully committed to maintain the confidentiality of the collected information.
  4. At the moment your personal information is received and processed, top measures have been taken to protect your data from being shared, visualized or extracted without authorization.
  5. The information collected will be handled in an automated way to use it as indicated in our Terms of Service


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  1. The security of our server is continually analyzed and checked to ensure the protection of all data and information stored in it against any unauthorized attempts of access.

Access to personal data

  1. At all times you have the right to be informed of the personal data we have stored from you, from where we have collected it, who has received it and what it has been used for. At any time you can exercise your right of access, correction, cancellation and opposition (ARCO)
  2. To request information about ARCO, you can send an email to Jorge Toriz to the following email address